Caring for your lawn is a year round responsibility. Unfortunately, many property owners take the Winter season off and neglect proper lawn care practices. Even if you don’t have winter blooms to care for, it is necessary to maintain and prepare your landscape during the cooler months to keep them alive and ready to bloom in the Spring and Summer. In Fairhope and Mobile especially, where the temperatures remain relatively warm in the winter, proper landscaping is necessary to keep your grass, trees, shrubs, and other plants looking their best.

Fairhope and Mobile are located in southwest Alabama. This coastal region of the state is identified as a Hardiness Zone 8. Regions in Zone 8 typically have temperate Summers and mild Winter temperatures, with lows between 10 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Fairhope and Mobile are in a great landscaping region. The growing seasons are long, and the temperatures are relatively steady. The warm Spring and Summer periods require regular lawn maintenance– including planting, watering, fertilizing, and more. Winter requires these maintenance services to be modified and others to be implemented during this cooler season. Here are some of the essential landscaping services your property needs this Winter.

Keep It Up

The so-called “dormant season” for many common plants does not mean they stop living, unless of course you stop watering. Your plants still need water in the cooler weather, just maybe a bit less than is necessary in the heat of the Summer. Don’t stop watering your plants. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, talk to a professional landscaper about setting up an irrigation system for your lawn. This will free you from having one more thing to remember and keep your lawn looking fresh all season, without all the extra work. You’ll also want to have your grass mowed extra short in the cooler months to protect it from potentially dying from frost bite.

Prepare and Protect

Before the weather is “frigid”, or as “frigid” as temperatures get in coastal Alabama, it is important to have your landscaper prepare your soil, land, plants, trees, and shrubs for the lower temperatures. One of the best ways to do this is by having mulch installed around your trees and other plants. If you save the leaves you raked in the fall, you can use this debris as an organic mulch and insulator around your trees and plant beds. Mulch is good for your plants year round, for it insulates the soil in the Winter and keeps it from getting too hot in the Summer. It is also good to have a fertilizer rich in phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium spread among your plant beds before the temperatures plummet. This will nourish your soil and prepare it to be healthy and rich in nutrients for the growing season.

Prune. Yes, Prune!

Winter is the perfect time to have your professional landscaping company prune all those trees, shrubs, and plants around your property. As the dead of Winter approaches, it’s easy to see the limbs, vines, and branches that are truly dead or diseased, so they can be more easily removed. As the dead ends are being removed from your trees and plants, your landscaper can also remove any unwanted or dying greenery from your property to make room for some new wintry garden selections that are sure to spruce up your yard!