Landscape architecture can make or break your office exterior. Not only can it greatly effect the first impression that clients have of your business, but it can also save your company money on energy expenses.

Don’t let your parking lot landscaping keep people from visiting your office.

The parking lot of your business may be the least of your worries, but it should not be overlooked. First impressions of your business start before anyone walks through the door of your building. You should make a point to have the outside of your building make as much of an impression as those inside.

Whether your parking lot’s current landscaping needs improvement or you’re starting fresh, Ever Green OS can help!

There are a few general things you should consider when trying to improve the aesthetic of your parking lot. Know the size you are working with, the amount of car and foot traffic and the weather conditions your parking lot experiences. By keeping these things in mind and using the following information, your parking lot will be ready for action in no time!

Parking lots are tough on plants.

Typically, there aren’t any structures to cast shade to the plants which leaves the sun constantly beating down and car exhaust adding to the brutal conditions. Parking lots don’t have easy access to irrigation to operate a sprinkler system. For these reasons, you have to be particular about what to plant.

Because of the less than ideal location, the best way to have your parking lot plants flourish is to fill it with plants that are native to your area. These plants won’t have to adapt to new conditions. They will be able to live with little water and still be beautiful.

Create parking lot islands and strips between parking spots to fill with these plants and bring your area to life. Islands and strips also allow for drainage points to combat flooding.

Once you establish your parking lot floriculture, don’t forget about it.

It will still require work and constant care, just as any other landscaping does. Make sure that your plants aren’t overgrown or blocking signage. Consider hiring a landscaper to help you start, fix, or maintain your parking lot landscaping. Landscaping crews can expertly thin and shape existing trees so you can see through them to the buildings beyond. They can replace tired plants with fresh plantings that will thrive in a challenging environment.

Trees are great for your customers to park under allowing for their car to be kept in shade. They help break up the mass of concrete with cool, attractive greenery. Consider crape myrtles and yaupon hollies as trees for your parking lot. They can withstand tough conditions and will brighten your space. 

Keep all these tips in mind to improve your parking lot presence. You and your customers will love the results. Don’t let the pressure of this task bring you down though. Leave it to the commercial landscaping pros at Evergreen. We will do all this and more to have your business flourishing as well as the plants outside!

Include a few of these plants in the bed around your dream home and you will take a breath of deep satisfaction every time you pull into your driveway. Contact Evergreen Outdoor Services today to get started!