When the weather shifts from warm Summer days to frigid Winter temperatures, it’s the perfect time to update your lawn and landscape. Since there are so many plants to choose from, it can be difficult to make a decision or find ones that will not only survive but thrive in your area. That’s where the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone map and data comes in to help!  It’s a great resource to use when selecting your next annuals and perennials for your landscaper to install.

What is a Hardiness Zone and How does it Work?

Hardiness Zones are based on a region’s lowest temperatures year round and give gardeners and landscapers a base for what plants can thrive and survive well in your zone. Fairhope and Mobile, AL are in Hardiness Zone 8b. This means the lowest average temperatures fall between 15 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit. With the knowledge of your hardiness zone, you can easily find what plants will live well in your area. Information like this will help tremendously when replanting for the Winter months. Native and Zone appropriate plants will be better maintained and more likely to survive all seasons in your Zone.

Winter in Zone 8b

Since Fairhope and Mobile have what is considered a mild Winter season, home and property owners get to enjoy a colorful and vibrant landscape year-round. Without regular snow and ice covering the ground, residents of Baldwin County and other Zone 8 areas near the coast have a large number of annual and perennial plants that landscapers can install and maintain all year long.

Ornamental Plants for Fairhope Winters

Here are some plants perfect for Zone 8 Winters in Mobile and Fairhope…

This beautiful orange and yellow blooming shrub or small tree brings a brightness to the dark wintry season. The Witch Hazel blooms a beautiful Autumn orange before it dons a springy yellow flower in Winter! If you like the look of Witch Hazel but want a different color to complement your yard or property, the Chinese Fringe Flower is a lovely substitute or addition! This shrub blooms beautiful pink and white or green and deep red colored in the winter. The petals of the Chinese Fringe Flower, like the Witch Hazel, are small spidery blooms.

For more of a Christmas time look, the Winterberry or deciduous Holly will produce and display its jolly red berries in the winter, while the Inkberry produces a similar berry in black.

Lenten Roses, also called “Christmas Roses” are low blooming, various colored perennial flowers that grow well during the Zone 8b Winters. Part of the buttercup family, this “Christmas Rose” is not related to the common rose.


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